Shelby Senior Pictures: Class of 2008

Although Shelby booked her session in the summer, she waited to schedule it until the fall when the leaves were bright orange. The cat in the last pictures just happened to show up and seemed to want to be in the pictures. The more the merrier! After seeing her pictures, Shelby said, "I have gotten so many compliments and couldn't have made a better choice when it came to my senior portraits."

Session Details:
Location # 1: Alleys in Downtown Ellensburg, WA
Location # 2: Bailey's Biblio Mania in Ellensburg, WA
Location # 3: D Street near CWU in Ellensburg, WA

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, Shelby! My favorite is the one with the book on your head. :)
-Jan Jaffe

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